Massage From the President


        I feel highly privileged to welcome all concerned with Shri Saurashtra Leuva Petal Seva Samaj, Navsari .Indeed it is overwhelming on my heartcorner to grace all beloved brothers and sisters of over samaj as well as rest of  known and unknown dedicators who inspired us, supported us  and encouraged us by all means to  strengthen various academic and cultural activities  to built up the Samaj a step stronger. All have heartily devoted their hip of financial token, leap of their sweet feeling and bip of well wishes to the almighty. Several occasions witnessed by whole society experienced various inspiring events like  blood donation, daily self help movement, health camp, religions functions, youth activity, child care programmes  etc. To me it is unforgettable occasion when such unexpected activities were taking place  in front of my eyes. Sometimes it seems to me that god has blessed us from all corners of the life. My brothers and sisters have shed their  blood to bring up such a monumental and historical structure bringing to a reality.  Lastly, I pray to all concerned to continue their support help and inspiration to encourage for still more dreamfull activities.

        With deepest and respectful regard, I co-ordiaty shalute submitting my thanks.



(Madhubhai U. Kathiriya)
Shri S.L.P.S.Samaj,Navsari



        Sound thought emerging from every vein of meticulous and miraculous Samaj a dream long awaited has come to a reality which is seen by all of us. Passing around it, we feel full of proud of all brother and sisters of my beloved Samaj. It is a fruit harvested after long excercise and sincere efforts made by Samaj to create such a prestigious academic atmosphere. The present facilities of Primary School Secondary and Higher Secondary schools, as well as B.Ed college are yet to be streamlined and strengthened for futher betterment of the children. It is my humble and submitted request to all for giving their one or another help. We are optimistic to still rise more steps of academic world. To fame and illuminate over dreams to a reality, I once again appeal for continuing your help.  

Thanking you,  I remain ever yours.

(Arvindbhai Pansuriya)
Education committee




        On this auspicious occasion of celebrating wellcome and gratitude action. I, immensely feelled   with joy and cheer state to any  brave Samaj for such constructive,  positive and elaborative efforts to take  the Samaj to a climax of successes. Our President,Member of Excursive.Committee and supporters from all corners of our Samaj, I feel very happy to uttar a word of appreceation to all educational, social, religious as well as youth activities supported by every individual of the samaj.

        In addition to the medical services, culture participation, human services and support to the needy person place as special site in my heart. For this pious work  any dedicated Samaj   has to do still some more constructive works including…….?

        For all such dedication. I personally request with my earnest feeling to continue their similar sprit and zeal in the future to come. May  I once gone again thank all to strengthen  over atlempts by blood and blessings? Last but not the least, once again my heartful thanks to all.




          Our ancestors have rightly said that Better Thoughts always come from healthy body. If we are healthy every things looks healthy and wealthy surrounding us. It needs overall healthy care for all the vital organs of our body. For children it applies more aptly because in their age they have to make body and mind stronger for better education and wealthy nation in which they abode.

          Our Samaj had rightly and timely considered this fact and facit for the boys and girls studying under our direct supervision. To cater this prima-facie necessity of human life,we considered our children as well as their parents, neighbours and all living in the vicinity irrespective of caste, creed and religion for imparting medical health through free dispensary services, blood donation camps, eye testing camps, free spectacles camps, hygienic food and related programmes. To streamline further such noble fuction cherity may accelerate our attempts still further for coverage a large number of beneficiaries. For that we have started construction of hospital building having full-fledged facility for indoor and outdoor patients for treatment all sorts of illness. We have very good team of enthusiastic doctors, sisters and supporting staff. For all such noble activities we humbly approach you for generous help and sincere support to come forward for humanity sibs. I understand that Samaj and all helping hands are wise enough by this little but thrilling creation of healthy body and healthy mind. I once again submit to all to please come forward to join your hands with Samaj for noble cause and human thought.

Thank you all

Ashokbhai L. Dhorajiya

Health Committee Chairman