Mandatory Disclosure

1.Details of the institution :

Name of the Institution: Shree Sardar Patel Collage Of Education,Navsari.
Date of Establishment:  Sep,2008
Complete postal address: Limbda chowk,Jalalpore Road,Navsari.396445
Geographical Address:  P.O.: Navsari
Thesil/Taluka: Jalalpore
Town/City: Navsari
District: Navsari
State: Gujarat
Phone(With STD Code): (02637) 286283
Website Address:
Nearest Railway Station: Navsari
Nearest Town: Navsari
Type of Institution: Co-Education
Status of Institution: Non-Minoritry

2.Management :

 Government Owned: No
 Govt.aided: No
 University Department: No
 Any Other(Please specify): Run by Trust

  3.Detail of the course applied for :

 Level of the course: Bachelor
 Name of the Teacher Education course: B.Ed
 Duration of the Course: 2 Years
 Whether to be conducted in face to face or distance mode: Face to Face
 Proposed Intake: One intake of 50 trainee(basic one unit)
 Academic session from which the course will be conducted: June to April Every Year
 Details of the Affiliating Body
  Name: Veer Naemad South Gujarat University
 Address/Tel/Fax no.: Udhana Magdalla Rd,Surat-395007
 Tel:(0261)2227141-49, Fox no.: 0261-2227312

  4.Land :

 Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed format: N.A.
 Has been displayed on the webside as required under Regulation8(9) of the NCTE Regulation,2007: Yes
 Land Identification (Survey No.): 206/2,209/A,209/P-4,208,208/P-1,209/P-3
 Land Area in sq mt.: 8676 Sq. Mtr.
 Whether the title of the land is on Owenership basis: Owenership
 Ttitle of the land is on lease as per law: Own
 Duration of the lease: N.A.
 Land use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution: Not Neccesary

  5.Mampower(Photographs are displayed elsewhere) :

 5.1 Details of proposed/appointmented teaching staff (Date of birth,qualification,professional qualification,and other relevant information)

Sr. No Name & Designation Birth Date Qualifications with Specialization & %of marks Obtained Genral Professional Year of experience in a recognized secondary school Teaching experience in a Elementary secondary teacher education Institution form Date of appointment in the present possition Mode of appointment (full time on regular bassis/part time basis )Date of selaction NET/SLET with Year University approval Date of super annution
M.Com 62.12
B.ed-70 M.ed-68(Ecco)--10-08-08Full time on regular basisNoS(1)/3305/2008 D:27/03/200814-6-2039
2Meghna T.Patel11-11-82B.A. 49.44 M.A.53.84 B.ed-74.60 M.ed-70.71(English)--20-06-09Full time on regular basisGSLET 7828
3Aruna A. Kaswala25-01-84B.A.55.78 M.A.62.20 B.ed-77.78 M.ed-90.50(Hindi)6-6-0315-6-1515-06-15Full time on regular basisNo S(1)119/ 3404/201614-6-2046
4Dharmesh D.Patel10-11-83B.A.53.33 M.A.57 B.ed-74.10 M.ed-74.57(S.S)--17-06-17Full time on regular basisNo S(1)119/ 13919/201714-6-2045
4Dharmesh D.Patel10-11-83B.A.53.33 M.A.57 B.ed-74.10 M.ed-74.57(S.S)--17-06-17Full time on regular basisNo S(1)119/ 13919/201714-6-2045
5Krutiben B. Padhiyar23-06-90B.A.63.89 M.A.74.84 B.ed-88.10 M.ed-89.50 (Phsycology)--11-08-18Full time on regular basisNo Awaiting 14-6-2052
6Chiragbhai B.Jadav28-08-83B.A.61.89 M.A.65.88 B.ed-76.20 M.Ed-74.57(S.S)--11-08-18Full time on regular basisNo Awaiting 14-6-2045
7Kinnary B. Chaudhry17-08-90B.A.61.89 M.A.65.88 B.ed-86.90--11-12-18Full time Adhock basisNo Adhock -

 5.1 1Details of proposed/appointmented non-teaching staff:

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Date of Joinig Year Of Retirement Resl.Address
1Rekh DivyabenLIBRERIENM.Lib 13-10-08-Smrutikunj Soc,Jalalpore Navsari
2Bhatt SagunabenACCOUNTANTB.Com 7-4-09-28,Gitanjali Soc,Maneklal Road,Navsari
3Vaghasiya RidhdhiLab TechnitionB.Com 10-09-18-53, Murlidhar;Amrut nagar ,Navsari
4Rameshbhai patelPEON9 1-9-12-Nana Bhagat Faliya,Jalapore,Navsari.
5Ranchodbhai PatelPEON7 6-4-11-Library Faliya,Machad
6Laxmiben Patelswipper10 16-3-17-School Faliya,Nani Pethan Dandi Road,

 6. Building

 Construction of the building is complete: Yes
 Building is yet to be constructed: -
 Building is fire safety-proof: Yes
 Building is disabled friendly: Yes
 Common room for boys/girls available: Yes
 Date of completion of building: 2017
 Covered Area in sq mt.: 590*3=1770 sq.m
 Number of class room: 9 class room,excluding Library,Readingroom,Activityroom,Assembly hall,Computre lab,Science lab,  Boys Room& Girls Room.


 The Library has separate refrence section : No
 Journals Section and reading room: Yes
 Number of books in the library: 10129+1000 E-books
 Total number of educational journals/periodicals being subscribed: 29
 Number of encyclopedias available in the Library: 3
 Number of books available in the refrence section of the library :
 Seating capacity of the reading room of the library:60

 8.Instructional Facilities:

 Details of laborartories available:
 1.Science Laboratoty cum method room
 2.Psychology Laboratory
 4.Method Rooms
 5.Lecture Rooms
 6.Activity Room
 7.Seminar Room

 Practice teaching is arranged in near by school-List as under
Number and Name of School(s) for practice teaching:

1. Mishra Shala No.8,Navsar
2. Primary Girls School,Gandevi.
3. Kanyashala No.3,Navsari
4. Mishra Shala.7,Navsari
5. Kanyashala No.7,Navsari
6. Krushi Campus Primary School.Navsari
7. Mishra Shala No.2,Navsari
8. Ghana Bhavshar Boys School,Gandevi.
9. Vardha Rashtriy Primary School,Karcheliya
10. D.I.K. Girls school ,Gandevi.
11. Banatwala Highschool,Navsari
12. Sir C. J. New High School,Gandevi
13. Shreee Sardar Sharda Mandir Vijalp[ore,navsari
14. Sarvajanik High school,Bilkhadi,Mahuva
15. Shree Sarvajanik Highschool Abrama,Valsad
16. R.D.Patel Kabilpore,Navsari
17. Pethan High School,Dandi Road,Navsari
18. Mahila High School,Navsari
19. Mishra Shala.6,Navsari
20. Kanya Shala No.7,Navsari
21. Kanyashala No.1,Navsari
22. Mishra Shala No.2,Navsari
23. D.D. Girls High School,Navsari
24. Tata Boys Highschool,Navsari
25. Shree Sardar Patel Vidhya Sankul,Navsari
26. Mishra Shala.8,Navsari
27. Kumar Shala No.1,Navsari
28. Mishra Shala.9,Navsari
29. The D.k Tata High School,Navsarti
30. Sheth H.C. Parekh Navsari Highschool,Navsari
31. Sheth R.J.J High School,Navsari
32. Sir C. J.N.Z Madhresa New High School,Gandevi
33. Bai NavajBai Tata Girls High School,Navsari
34. Raman Brothers Vidhyalaya,Ugat
35. Shree V.,P.P. Vidhyalays,Kasbapar
36. D.D. Girls HighSchool,Navsari
37. Mahila Vidhya Bhavan High School,Navsari
38. Nagar Palika High School,Navsari
39. R.D.Patel Sarvajanik Vidhyalay,Chovosi
40. Navchetan HighSchool,Navsari
41. Sheth I.M. Banmatwala High School,Navsari
42. Shree Swaminarayan HighSchool,Italva
43. B.D. Gohil Vidhyalay,Navsari
44. Nilkanth Vidhyalay,Navsari
45. Shree S.M.K.R Vashi HighSchool navsari
46. Sanskar Bharti Vidhyalay, Navsari
47. Janta HighSchool,Jalalpore
48. B.L. Maheta Sarvajanik HighSchool,Panar
49. Buki Sarvajanik High School,navsari
50. Desai K.k Sarvajanik High School,navsari
51. Khu.v.Sa. HighSchool,Kharel

 9.Facilities for Games & sports:

Own Playground: Yes (7000 sq.m)
Own Playground of another institution on sharing basis: Sharing with our school only
Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall:No
Facilities for Gymnasium: No
Facilities for Athlentics: Yes
Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes
Facilities for Outdoor Games: Yes

 10.Other Facilities available:

Canteen facilities available or not:No
Medical facilities available or no: Yes
Hostel facilities available or not: Yes