# Social Activity

Objectives of the Trust :

  1. To arrange marriages in group (Samuh Lagna)
  2. To propagate education in the society and to help needy persons for the same.
  3. To help the economically weaker persons of the Samaj.
  4. To help during natural calamities to any person of the Society.
  5. To help for medical relief.
  6. To organize cultural activities and to make arrangement of hall for the activity.
  7. To help widow women and poor persons of the Samaj and to organize various activities for economical and social uplifitment.
  8. To establish and run home industries.
  9. To start schools for children.
The objectives are implementated without any discrimination of caste, subcaste and religion

Activities undertaken by Samaj :

  • Group marriages ceremony
  • Blood donation camp.
  • Health camp, eye checking camp,spectacls camp. 
  • Relief activities during natural calamities likeflood, fire,earthquake,etc.
  • Religious functions for faith and fund.
  • Recreation programmes  like Diara(Folksongs)
  • Distribution of books and note books to encourage the students.
  • Running concessional dispensary for the poor.
  • Running primary, secondary & higher secondary schools .
  • Youth activity:
  • Activities to get rid of superstition and miracles.
  • Child Health
  • Child Education.
# Educational Activity


  1. Literature of Art (Practice of good handwriting, Essay, Oratory, Reading skill, collection of hand written articles. )
  2. Science and Technology Activity (Maths, Sci club,Sci.fair & Exhibition, First aid training)
  3.   Cultural Activities (Ras,Garba,Dance,Mime,Action songs,Mahendi.Kesh Gunthan,Traditional Dress,Mimicry)
  4. Yoga and Personality Development (Yoga,Pranayam,NCC / NSS, Scout Guide, interview of great personalities, visit to ideal outstanding institution, Spoken English, Public Speaking, Best out of Weste).
  5. Community Oriented School Activities (Pulse and polio vaccination, De addiction, aids – awareness, school panchayat, Social festival, - Rakshabandhan,Navratri etc. Assistance to the victims of natural or man oriented calamities)
  6. Career corder, preparation for competitive Examinations of Vocational Guidance.
  7. Eco – club, conservation of protection of Environme


  1. Individual games (Running, Jump, Throw).
  2. Group games (Team events,Khokho,Volley ball,Kabaddi,cricket).
  3. Activities of Sports and youth Festivals Organized by Department of youth services and cultural activities.


  • Hindi / Sanskrit / English / Maths.
  • Drawing.
  • Prakharta Sodhs Kasoti (T.S.T) – G.S.H.E.B. Gandhinager.
  • Sec.Edu. Scholarship Examination – state Examination Board.
  • GUJCET : H.S.E Board. Gandhinagar.

To tap the talents in students, the college organize extra curricular activities include.

  • Science activities: Science quiz, participation in science fair, science exhibition  visit to science city. etc.
  • Cultural activities: Celebration of national days, Traditional / Fashion days. Debet competition, Annual Day etc.
  • Sports activities: Sports competition for individual as well as group games. Intercollege and interuniversity. Sports competition.
  • Career Development: Arrangement of seminars and workshop on education, Paper and lesson presentation competition.
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