# Shree Saurashtra Leuva Patel Seva Samaj

        Leuva Patel Community is wellknown for hard work, dedication and patriotism to the state and nation.The people belonging to this massive group of community had  forcibly migrated from various villages of Saurashtra to Navsari and South Gujarat region for fringe earning purpose. Though they are a littlebit less educated but possess strong willpower for doing any hard work for the betterment of his own and community as a whole. After coming over here since 35-40 years they have devoted their wellbeing for the upliftment of the family in particular and Samaj in general. People have started imparting school and college education to their children at any cost. As a sincer effort for this novel lidea to put in practice, Saurashtra Leuva Patel Samaj could  come to a reality having :

  • Pay group – nursery school.
  • Primary school (std : 1 to 8)
  • High school (std : 9 & 10)
  • Higher secondary school (commers and science stream) (std : 11 to 12)
        To strengthen it further the Samaj has taken a mission for still a step ahead by creating and successful starting of B.Ed College in this Sankul.  The prime objective being giving the training for preparing good teachers through a college of B.Ed. It will also create a scope for employment generation and eradicating the poverty.

List of Schools and Colleges run by the Trust :

  1. Shree Sardar Patel Balbhavan
  2. Shree Sardar Patel  Prathmik Shala
  3. Shree Gajera Madhyamik  Shala
  4. Shree Sardar Patel Uchchattar Madhyamik Shala
  5. Shree Sardar Patel College of Education
Trust Registration Certificate

Properties of the (Trust)

Land properties :
Total 8676, m2 (93355 Sq. ft) of open land is  in possession of trust Documents enclosed.

Building :
Trust has constructed a building for use of school. The building has ground floor, first floor and second floor each of 870.40 m2 with total of three floors is 2611m2 (28108 Sq. ft) In addition 104 m2 (1981 Sq. ft) at basement level for community purpose. In all building has 41 rooms.
A new building for collage with 19 rooms(seminar,activity,Lab) of three floor each of 590m2 total construction are 1770m2 has been constructed.
Dispensary :
A building for sarvajanik hospital is under conscruation.
Properties Documents
# Shree Sardar Patel Vidhya Sankul

        “Shree Sardar Patel Vidhya Sankul is run by” Shree Saurashtra Leva Patel Seva Samaj. The residents of the surrounding area are mainly concerned with diamond industry engaged in diamond cutting work i.e. labour work and have marginal income. Generally about 60% children after completing primary education leave the study and join this business to financially support their parents. With a noble idea of supporting such type of marginal families, Shree Saurashtra Leva Patel Samaj Trust has started a school imparting education from Nursery to Higher Secondary. As a result, the children forcibly leaving the study have stopped and education    has substantially increased. Presently, 1400 children are studying in the school. By experience, it is learnt that the children of this area have a lot of potential for higher education and performance. In the present situation, ordinarily students, keep themselves away from the Science stream. Poor families can not even think of putting their children in costly Science stream education. Ofcourse, many children of this area have girth to adopt Science stream and have considerable high I. Q. Looking to the overall situation, the existing seva samaj has started Higher Secondary section for encouragement and help to such prominent children. Simultaneously common stream has also been started so that the children competent for science stream may seek the admission for higher study. It is now proposed to start a B.Ed college through this seva samaj on self finance basis to serve the people.

        The Sardar Patel Educational Complex has well aerated its own school building of 41 rooms with 93355 sq. fit, feet of playground and surrounded by beautiful garden.  Each room is of 500 sq, feet with required fixtures and furniture. It has rich library. Laboratories are well equipped and sufficiently large. Two water rooms with mineral water plant take care of the students thurst Other facilities like administration office, teacher’s rooms, hygienic sanitary block, musical room and science laboratory for lower standard as well as separate laboratories of physics, biology and chemistry subjects for higher section are also available.

        The administrative channel includes the President, Chairman of Education Committee, Director and Principal. The students are taught by expert teachers in their subjects. All the teachers are well qualified and guided by Principal and Director. Other than teaching and learning, the students are also trained in extra activities which include social and cultural activities, sports, celebration of national and religious festivals etc. The students also take part in science fair and other educational competition held by different organization.

# School Education
        School education includes Pre-primary (play group, Sr and Jr, K.G.), primary school (std 1 to 7) and secondary section (std 8 to 10) and higher secondary section (std 11 to 12) with commerce and science stream In all, about 1400 students are taking  advantage of the school education through well trained learned teachers. Infrastructural facilities available for school education includes special well furnished rooms, science and computer laboratories, library and wide playground. Following activities are undertaken by school children  and teaches.
# College  Education – B.Ed
        The B.Ed college  i.e. Shree Sardar Patel College of Education is run by Shree Saurashtra Leuva Patel Seva Samaj on self finance basis, The  college is located very near to railway station in the west, it in silence environment.  It is very easily approachable from the residence of surrounding villages as well Navsari city. It has wide spaced building surrounded by wide ground with facilities to match the imaginations of the elites.
Administration :

        It is a self finance institute. The administration chanal includes the President, Chairman of Education Committee, Director and Principal.
Short detail of college:

          The students are trained in their subjects by expert teachers. All the teachers are well qualified and are guided by Principal and Director. Other than teaching and Learing, the students are also trained in extracurricular activities which include social and cultural activities, sports, celebration of national and religious festivals etc.

(1)     Name of college              :  Shree Sardar Patel College of Education

(2)     Type of college               :  Co – education

(3)     Medium of instruction     :  Gujarati

(4)     Managed by                    :  Shree Saurashtra Leuva Patel Seva Samaj

(5)     Year of starting the Vidya Sankul: 2001

(6)     Year of starting the college: 2008 (proposed)

(7)     Nearest railway station: Navsari

(8)     Distance From R.S.: 400 meters in the west

(9)     Principal (1/c): Shree Sanjaybhai C. Patel

(10)    Methods taught and their teacher:

                   (1)     Gujrati                   (2)     Hindi
                   (3)     English                  (4)     Sanskrit
                   (5)     Mathematics          (6)     Science & Technology   
                   (7)     Social Science        (8)     Economics

(11)    Timings of college: 10.45 to 16.45

(12)    Fee structure: As decided by V.N.S.G. University / Govt. otherwise Rs.18000 per term for boys as well as girls. (Total fees Rs.36000/-)

Rules of Admission:
                   The admission procedure is centrally carried out by the Veer

Narmad South Gujarat  University. The admission is strictly on merit bases as decided by Central Admission Committee.